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Dr. RB Hernández

Have you ever felt lost, disoriented, unable to feel passion and feeling? 

You don't trust yourself, let alone your gut instincts. You feel like a phony, a robot, or a pawn.

You are disconnected from who you truly are.

I know, I was there, for many years...

Then I was reunited with me! What a feeling. I am free.

Wholeness is not achieved by cutting off a portion of one's being, but by integration of the contraries.

Carl G. Jung

Foggy Pier
Field of Flowers

The Work is about...

accompanying you in becoming aware of your desire for wholeness, success, and growth. We'll take things to the next level by paying close attention to your thoughts, emotions, dreams, actions, synchronicities, and physical health. We will analyze your obstacles; what holds you back.

Welcome to your transformational path. It is your time to really be present, to look, feel, listen, touch, and taste your true life, your real you, as it emerges, as it awakes. Ready to begin your journey?

I will walk with you on your transformational path to reunite you with you, into healing, into power, into love!


Transformational Coaching

Eliciting, challenging, evolving, measurable

Brainstorming Session

Workshops that Spark

Diving Deep, Fun, Engaging, Trust, Change

Analytically-oriented Psychotherapy

Insight, Integration, Action Change, Evolution

 Scales of Justice

Psychological Evaluations

A snapshot of psychological functioning applied to immigration/legal proceedings or licensure

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