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To Feel Secure

I read this morning, "When I return to my everyday tasks, remind me, Lord, that you are always there beside me. I need never despair."

I began to reflect on this short statement/prayer. I learned in a survival class years ago that if one is lost in the wild, or the desert, one must first find shelter. This increases the chances of survival by a lot! When I looked up the word secure y derives from the Latin meaning of without care, some would state carefree. I see it as without worry, anxiety. This is what shelter/security, provides, which is why in a survival class it is important because it increases one's chances of feeling optimistic of survival, and guess what, one does.

This quote was important for me this morning because it has been quite a few months of being without a shelter. I have been exposed to the elements and lacked often the optimism of "We will make it through!". For those of you who are reading this, hang on. You are safe, and in the end you will survive.

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