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Take Steps Back, Restore Peace

In my morning meditation today I read, “This world we live in can be very distracting. Everything gets broken down or torn apart, important concepts are shredded into little bits and pieces. We are more than broken bits and pieces and individual parts. To be at peace one has to see the whole, get the sense of the whole, knowing that this world beats as one, that there’s a harmony.”

Recently I administered an emotional intelligence assessment called the EQi-2. During the feedback session with an engineer, optimism was discussed as being lower than average in her results. The individual expressed how this didn't surprise her since she suffers from anxiety a good deal of the time. Additionally, she realized that the anxiety both fed, energized, as well as physically drained her.

In working with engineers, I have found that the role involves finding problems, analyzing them, and providing solutions. As an engineer, therefore, solving problems is a daily occurrence. The challenge is not to stay so close to them. It is easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees. Following the analysis comes the synthesis, in which the whole is put together. As a result, optimism increases again, and equilibrium and peace return.

This point was brought home to me again by the reading today. I then ask myself, “Where do I get lost in the moment, in the details, in the mood that is occurring at present?” Is it possible to take steps back in order to see again the whole? Trusting there is harmony, and that all things work smoothly together brings us peace once again.

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