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Perspective is Everything!

In my morning meditation, I came across this golden nugget, "You create based on your perspective in the moment. Since your perspective is always a choice, you create your reality by the constant and never-ending choice of perspective in each and every moment. If you choose the higher perspective, the one that matches your inner self’s perspective, you feel good. If you choose the limited perspective, you will receive a message in the form of negative emotion and you will feel bad."

If you think about it, one can easily understand that there are a whole host of things that we interpret. Take any situation and if you break it down, take apart what is a fact and what is your opinion, you will be able to weed out your perspective, or interpretation. This then will bring up a negative emotion if it is a limiting thought or belief, not aligning with your true essence. Our emotion, therefore, tells us if we are aligning with our true selves in the form of a positive emotion or not in the form of a negative emotion. The next step is to go deeper and explore our perspective, which is tied to a limiting thought or belief. Belief is a group of thoughts about something that we take as truth. Once we go there, we can then dismantle our limiting thought or belief and release it. We do this in various ways, with one being Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) otherwise known as tapping. This process is extremely important if we are to go evolve to a higher level of functioning, performing, and living our lives the way we dream of. Hint- Our dreams show our true essence, who we truly are. Don't dream feel great?!

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