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A Change in Perspective...

In my studies to be a Jungian analyst I was exposed to the thought of the unconscious and projection. In other words the traits, or behaviors we see as belonging to "other'", our significant partner, our parents, children etc. , is just a reflection of what is occurring inside of us that we don't see. It is much like needing a mirror to see how we look from behind.

I learned that only through integration, which means bringing back to ourselves those very traits and reclaiming them as ours. I have experienced peace when I have done this.

Now I have been exposed to a system called "Miross" brought by Rossco, a Japanese thought leader, which seems to be expressing a similar idea. With Miross, everything that makes this physical world is based on a pair or polarities. These polarities are a pair, like those of a coin, or the two ends of a bar magnet. If you try to separate them, they return again, so making it impossible. This thought is something I am grappling with as I start my 2018.

I bring this concept here, as an invitation to begin to think about this system of thought, which is touching upon other philosophies I have accepted. I welcome your thoughts and ideas...

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